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Hammock Chairs

Hammock Chairs are the most comfortable in the industry.  Sit and relax in the chair of your choice and swing to your hearts content!

These chairs offer a variety of benefits depending on the chair you choose.  You can lean back and put your feet up,  sit and relax while reading that favorite book, or totally stretch out as the hammock conforms to you and your needs.  The possibilities are endless.

They are all stylish and unique pieces of furniture.  Hang these chairs anywhere, with a stand or from a tree, inside or out!  Choose your favorite and let the relaxing begin!

Hammocks Hanging Net Chair

10051-KP - Hammocks Hanging Net Chair

CAD$ 49.99

Nami Hanging Lounge Chair

1007X-KP - Nami Hanging Lounge Chair

CAD$ 159.99

Original Hanging Air Chair With Wood Dowels

1000X-KP - Original Hanging Air Chair With Wood Dowels

CAD$ 79.99

Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair

CJHCT-DS - Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair

CAD$ 109.99

Original Hanging Chair with Aluminum Dowels

1002X-KP - Original Hanging Chair with Aluminum Dowels

CAD$ 74.99

Hanging Chair

HANG-X - Hanging Chair

CAD$ 69.99

Mayan Style Chair

81022.04/05 - Mayan Style Chair

CAD$ 69.99

Cradle Hammock Chair

1003X-KP - Cradle Hammock Chair

CAD$ 69.99

Brazilian Hammock Chair

B5-XX - Brazilian Hammock Chair

CAD$ 69.99

Original Dream Chair

Dream-XX - Original Dream Chair

CAD$ 319.99

Brazilian Style Chair

82101/3 - Brazilian Style Chair

CAD$ 69.99

Hammock Hanging Chair

LUKAS-x - Hammock Hanging Chair

CAD$ 249.99


Once you've picked out your Hammock Chair, you'll want to decide which Hammock Stand and Accessory is best for you.  Do you like to swivel or bounce?  Is your chair going to be in a spot where you'd like to rotate and admire the different views, or are you in the corner?  Do you prefer to have a little spring while you swing?  Or do you want to try both? 

No matter which chair you decide on your relaxing experience is going to be at an all time high.  Don't wait, it's your time to relax and enjoy life!

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